The Wait Advisor is an app that collects crowd-sourced wait information consisting of location data and the time spent in the vicinity. This data is stored in a cloud repository for purposes of developing insight on waits and delays in the Australian trucking industry. Thus, by using the Wait Advisor, you agree to be a source of wait information and consent for us to collect information from your mobile device, store and use it for the purposes described below.


How we use collected information

We store collected wait information in a cloud storage and use it to generate insights on wait times, such as where waits happen, how long the waits are, and what times of the day or the week waits occur. We also use this information to develop a visualization of the wait information. The insights and visualization we develop are made available to the public or to interested parties.


Wait information we collect

We collect your geolocation data. Geolocation data is the global positioning satellite (GPS) coordinates of your mobile device. We collect information on the time you have spent at the location specified by your geolocation data and its vicinity. We also collect the identifier assigned to your mobile device or to the instance of the app running in your mobile device. We collect this identifier merely to distinguish between data points and not to identify any individual. We recognize that because the information we collect can be used to identify you by cross-referencing with other sources of information, we will avoid using the information we collect from you if we are unable to collect information from at least four other contributors of the crowd-sourced information we collect at the same time and location as yours.


When we collect wait information

We collect wait information from your mobile device only from the moment when you have turned the Wait Advisor ON to the moment that you have turned the Wait Advisor OFF or until such time when the Wait Advisor automatically turns OFF. We do not collect information from your mobile device at any other time.


Who owns the information we collect

We collect wait information from your mGenerally, you own your wait information. By using the Wait Advisor app, you grant us free, perpetual, non-exclusive right to use the information sourced from your mobile device. This means that we can use the wait information we have collected from you the way we said we will use it. If you later change your mind, you can simply stop being a source of information by not using the Wait Advisor app but the information already collected will remain part of the data set as they do not contain personally identifiable information about yourself.


Updates to this privacy policy

We will update this privacy policy from time to time. Each update will be published using this medium and shall be effective upon date of publication.


Document Control

Updated 21 June 2019.